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Rumor: OpenAI Poised to launch Its Own Search Engine to Augment ChatGPT

Reports are circulating that OpenAI, renowned for its creation of ChatGPT, is on the brink of introducing its own search tool, positioning itself to compete with the likes of Google Search and the AI-driven startup Perplexity.

According to Bloomberg, OpenAI’s new search offering could debut as early as next Monday, May 13, just ahead of Google’s highly anticipated I/O conference, where the tech giant is slated to unveil several AI-centric innovations.

Speculation: OpenAI Preparing to Launch Bespoke Search Engine to Enhance ChatGPT
OpenAI’s forthcoming search engine will function as an extension of ChatGPT, empowering it to retrieve up-to-date information directly from the web while incorporating proper citations. This development aims to address a key criticism of ChatGPT—the perceived lag in its access to current information.

OpenAI’s search endeavor bears resemblance to the solution offered by Perplexity, a startup valued at approximately $1 billion. Perplexity’s platform, boasting an AI-driven search interface replete with citations, images, and textual content, was conceived by a trio of seasoned engineers—Aravind Srinivas, a former OpenAI staffer, Denis Yarats, previously affiliated with Meta, and Johnny Ho, formerly associated with Quora.

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