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“Five Days with the Apple Watch clone: A Clone That Frustrates”

Wearing the Huawei Watch Fit 3 for five days left me more than just frustrated—it left me downright angry. Not because of its functionality or performance, but because of its blatant imitation of the Apple Watch, which feels like a lazy design choice.

Undeniably, the Huawei Watch Fit 3 resembles an Apple Watch in its design, and this imitation feels particularly disappointing coming from a company known for its innovative designs. Huawei had the opportunity to explore unique design directions, especially considering its previous Fit series utilized a rectangular shape. Instead, they opted to mimic the Apple Watch, resulting in a device that lacks originality and personality.

While Huawei may argue that certain design elements distinguish the Watch Fit 3 from the Apple Watch, such as its flat sides and screen placement, the resemblance is still striking. It’s reminiscent of the leaked Apple Watch Series 7 redesign, which garnered criticism for its departure from previous models. The Watch Fit 3’s design choice feels like a missed opportunity for Huawei to differentiate itself in the market.

Using the Huawei Watch Fit 3 revealed its impressive technical specifications. With a 1.82-inch AMOLED screen, lightweight aluminum case, and water resistance rating, it boasts a range of features comparable to other fitness wearables. It operates on Huawei’s HarmonyOS 4.2 software and offers seamless integration with Android devices, a welcome improvement from previous models.

The device excels in functionality, delivering reliable notifications, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and sleep tracking. Its software updates enhance the user experience, offering new features like guided fitness sessions and a GPS-enabled running coach.

However, despite its technical prowess, the Watch Fit 3 falls short in one crucial aspect: design originality. Its striking resemblance to the Apple Watch undermines its potential as a standalone wearable. The device’s uncanny resemblance invites comparisons and detracts from its other notable features.

Furthermore, the Watch Fit 3’s battery life fails to meet Huawei’s claims, requiring more frequent recharging than advertised. While its performance during workouts and sleep tracking is commendable, its design imitation taints the overall experience.

In a market flooded with health and fitness wearables, the Huawei Watch Fit 3’s lack of originality is a significant drawback. Priced similarly to competitors like the Fitbit Charge 6 and Garmin Vivomove Sport, it struggles to stand out. Even more affordable options, like the Xiaomi Watch S3, offer unique features and designs, making the Watch Fit 3 a less compelling choice.

Ultimately, while the Huawei Watch Fit 3 may appeal to some consumers unfazed by its design imitation, for others, its resemblance to the Apple Watch may deter them from considering it altogether. Despite its impressive functionality, the device’s lack of design originality leaves much to be desired.

Huawei has a long history of producing high-quality wearables, and the Watch Fit 3 is no exception in terms of performance and functionality. Its TruSleep platform competes with industry-leading sleep tracking technologies, and the Huawei Health app offers a seamless experience for users across various devices, including iOS.

However, the issue lies in the device’s design. If Huawei had opted for a more unique and innovative design, the Watch Fit 3 could have been a standout choice in the wearable market. Instead, its striking resemblance to the Apple Watch detracts from its potential and leaves consumers questioning its originality.

For those who prioritize functionality over aesthetics, the Watch Fit 3 may still be a viable option. But for those seeking a wearable that reflects their individual style and personality, the device’s lack of design creativity may be a dealbreaker.

In conclusion, while the Huawei Watch Fit 3 offers impressive features and performance, its blatant imitation of the Apple Watch ultimately hinders its appeal. In a competitive market where design plays a significant role in consumer preferences, Huawei missed an opportunity to differentiate itself and deliver a truly unique wearable experience.

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