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ASUS confirms ROG Ally X Launch Date: June 2

ASUS recently announced the forthcoming debut of the upgraded ROG Ally handheld gaming PC, slated for release on June 2.

During the ROG Pulse livestream hosted by Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon, ASUS provided insights into the new device. Gordon disclosed that the upcoming model would be christened ROG Ally X and would cater to the needs of more discerning users by offering enhanced features compared to its predecessor.

Gordon emphasized that the Ally X represents a significant advancement without constituting an entirely new generation. It will retain the Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip and the 120Hz VRR display found in the standard ROG Ally 2023.

However, ASUS has promised several enhancements with the Ally X, notably a substantially larger battery. ASUS Senior Vice President Shawn Yen hinted at a significant boost in battery capacity, suggesting it could potentially double the current battery performance of the Ally 2023.

Additional upgrades include increased system memory, expanded storage capacity, and a shift to a more commonly used M.2 2280 slot for easier upgrades. The inclusion of additional ports and a repositioned microSD slot were also mentioned.

Furthermore, improvements to the controls, including easier joystick interchangeability, are anticipated. The device is expected to debut in an all-black color variant, retaining its original design.

In conjunction with the Ally X launch, ASUS will roll out an updated version of its Armoury Crate SE software, featuring a more user-friendly interface. This software update will also extend to existing ROG Ally 2023 devices.

The official unveiling of the ROG Ally X is scheduled for June 2 and is likely to be a highlight of ASUS’s Computex 2024 showcase in Taiwan. Pricing for the Ally X is expected to be higher than that of the current Ally 2023, which will continue to be available alongside the new model.

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