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Apple’s Rejection: Spotify’s EU App Update Stymied Yet Again

Spotify recently sought to update its iOS app within the European Union, aiming to provide users with in-app pricing details. However, Apple has once more refused the update’s approval.

Apple’s stance stems from its insistence that Spotify adhere to its revised regulations on the Music Streaming Services Entitlement. Under these rules, Spotify would still be obligated to pay Apple a 30% commission for any in-app transactions. Yet, Spotify has voiced its refusal to comply with Apple’s amended terms. Jeanne Moran, a Spotify spokesperson, expressed the company’s frustration, stating to TheVerge, “Apple has once again flouted the European Commission’s ruling by rejecting our update, which aims to inform customers about our pricing, unless we submit to Apple’s new levy.”

Apple’s rejection of Spotify’s EU app update comes amidst the backdrop of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Spotify had hoped to empower users to subscribe directly through its app, but Apple rebuffed this endeavor. Notably, this rejection follows the European Commission’s imposing a €1.8 billion fine on Apple for alleged abuse of market dominance.

Consequently, iOS users of Spotify in the EU will be compelled to seek alternative means to subscribe, bypassing the app and resorting to the company’s website for their subscriptions.

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