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Sony ULT Wear Headphones Review: Specifications, Design, Build Quality, Performance and Connectivity Controls

In the realm of wireless headphones, Sony has consistently been a prominent player, catering to various audiophile preferences. With the release of the Sony ULT Wear headphones, the company continues its tradition of delivering immersive audio experiences, particularly for bass enthusiasts. Priced at $200, these headphones promise a compelling blend of features, including excellent noise cancellation and enhanced bass capabilities. In this review, we delve into the design, performance, and overall user experience of the Sony ULT Wear headphones.


Noise CancellationYes
Frequency Response5Hz – 25,000Hz
Battery LifeUp to 30 hours with ANC, up to 50 hours
Charging Time3 minutes for 90 minutes of playtime
Driver TypeDynamic
Bluetooth CodecLDAC
WeightNot specified
ColorsBlack, White, Forest Gray


  • Great price point
  • Immersive bass experience
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Enhanced clarity and transparency
  • Incorporation of wear sensors


  • Lack of USB-C audio support
  • Potential discomfort due to headband pressure
  • Limited spatial audio compatibility

Design and Build Quality

The Sony ULT Wear headphones feature a design that is reminiscent of their predecessor, the WH-XB910N. The foldable design, accompanied by a zippered travel case, ensures convenience during transportation. The earcups, though slightly thicker, retain the familiar button layout and touch controls. The addition of a new semicircular perforated grille enhances the microphone performance, while the refined headband design improves overall aesthetics. However, some users may experience discomfort due to the narrower headband design.


Bass Enhancement

A standout feature of the Sony ULT Wear headphones is their bass performance. With a frequency response reaching down to 5Hz, these headphones offer deep and powerful bass reproduction. The ULT button provides users with the option to toggle between different bass enhancement modes, ranging from moderate to intense. While this feature adds an extra dimension to audio playback, it may overwhelm certain music genres and result in distortion at higher settings.

Noise Cancellation

Equipped with advanced noise-cancelling technology powered by Sony’s V1 chip, the ULT Wear headphones effectively block out ambient noise, ensuring an immersive listening experience. Wind noise suppression has notably improved, making these headphones suitable for outdoor use. Additionally, the transparency mode offers clear audio passthrough, enhancing situational awareness when needed.

Comfort and Fit

While the ear cushions provide a comfortable and secure fit for most users, the narrower headband design may cause discomfort over extended periods of wear. Individuals with sensitive crown areas may find the pressure exerted by the headband to be uncomfortable, necessitating a trial fitting before purchase.

Limited spatial audio support

I’m delighted that Sony has added head-tracked spatial audio to the ULT Wear. I just wish you could actually use it. It only works on Android and Samsung — the most popular Android smartphone maker by a huge margin — has disabled the stock Android spatial audio feature in order to promote its own Samsung-only version.

That pretty much leaves Google, Motorola, and Xiaomi as the only handset manufacturers that support Sony’s tech. What’s even more frustrating is that even if you own one of these phones, spatial support is limited to just a few apps. The only one I was able to try was Netflix.

It sounded … fine. Spatial audio on Top Gun: Maverick provided deeper immersion than you’d get from two-channel stereo, and the head tracking worked as well as any implementation of this tech that I’ve tried. But given its extremely limited availability, you shouldn’t buy the ULT Wear in the hopes of getting an AirPods Max experience on the cheap.

Faster charging

I’ve never had cause to complain about battery life on Sony’s headphones (its earbuds are a different story) and the ULT Wear offer the same respectable performance as their predecessors: about 30 hours with ANC on and up to 50 hours when it’s off.

These numbers take a hit if you listen at louder than 50% or if you engage the LDAC codec, but you should still get more than a full day of operation out of these cans. If you don’t, the quick-charge time has been improved a little: 3 minutes gets you 90 minutes of extra playtime, while 10 minutes gets you up to 5 hours.

Connectivity and Controls

The Sony ULT Wear headphones feature intuitive controls, including physical buttons for power, ANC mode selection, and touch-sensitive controls for playback and volume adjustment. However, the absence of USB-C audio support is a notable omission, especially in an era where USB-C connectivity is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Spatial Audio Support

Though the inclusion of head-tracked spatial audio is a welcome addition, its limited compatibility with select Android devices may restrict its utility for some users. Furthermore, the absence of widespread support from major smartphone manufacturers diminishes its appeal as a primary feature.


In conclusion, the Sony ULT Wear headphones offer an enticing proposition for bass enthusiasts seeking an immersive audio experience. Despite minor drawbacks such as the lack of USB-C audio and limited spatial audio support, these headphones excel in delivering powerful bass, effective noise cancellation, and overall sound clarity. With a competitive price point of $200, the ULT Wear headphones stand out as a compelling option in the mid-tier wireless headphone market, appealing to both casual listeners and audiophiles alike.

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