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H2O Audio SnowPro Headphones Review

H2O Audio SnowPro Specifications, Design and Fit, Sound Quality

Music and snow sports have long been a match made in heaven, with the right tunes turning a day on the slopes into an epic adventure. However, finding headphones that can withstand the challenges of skiing or snowboarding while delivering quality sound has been a quest for many enthusiasts. Enter the H2O Audio SnowPro headphones, promising to combine durability with functionality for snow sport aficionados. But do they deliver on their promises? Let’s dive into the details.


FitComfortable fit around the ears
Sound QualityTinny, thin sound quality
Call QualityGood call quality
DesignSecure neckband design
Water ResistanceIPX8 water and snow proof


  • Comfortable fit around the ears
  • Secure neckband design
  • IPX8 water and snow proof
  • Good call quality


  • Expensive
  • Tinny, thin sound quality
  • No on-board EQ in the app
  • Tiny physical buttons
  • Playlist+ feature is impractical
  • Open-ear design bad for wind noise

Design and Fit

The SnowPro headphones feature a sturdy, white-colored design tailored specifically for snow sports enthusiasts. The earhook design and neck band ensure a secure fit, even during vigorous activities. However, issues arise when bundling up for the slopes, as pressure from gear can shift the position of the ear conductors, affecting sound quality and comfort.

Sound Quality

Out of the box, the SnowPros disappoint with lackluster sound quality. Despite extensive EQ adjustments, including boosting low-end sliders and dialing down sharp tones, achieving satisfactory sound remains a challenge. The open-ear design exacerbates wind noise at high speeds, detracting from the overall listening experience.

However — and this is more of a commentary on a limitation of bone conduction headphones in general — when you’re ripping down a mountain at high speeds, wind noise is real. And without the ear seal that a pair of in-ear buds creates, with the SnowPros, the wind gets so loud in your open ears under your helmet that you can barely hear the music, at least temporarily. This brings me to how the SonwPros sound …

Call Quality

Surprisingly, call quality on the SnowPro headphones exceeds expectations, delivering clear and full voices even in challenging environments. However, the microphone’s performance diminishes with a ski helmet on, impacting voice transmission.

Playback and Playlist+

Using the SnowPros as standalone MP3 players presents a cumbersome experience.

The Playlist+ feature, designed for accessing and playing music stored on the headphones, relies on tiny physical buttons and lacks user-friendly navigation. Recording music through the H2O app adds further complexity, requiring live recording sessions and offering no EQ options.

The Bottom Line

While the H2O Audio SnowPro headphones boast durability and decent call quality, their shortcomings overshadow their strengths. Priced at $180, they face stiff competition from alternatives offering better sound quality and usability. For users seeking simplicity and reliability on the slopes, traditional wired earbuds may offer a more practical solution until advancements in snow sport headphones emerge. Ultimately, the SnowPros fall short of delivering a seamless music experience on the mountain, leaving users frustrated and cold.

In conclusion, while the H2O Audio SnowPro headphones may endure the elements, they fail to elevate the skiing or snowboarding experience to new heights.

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