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Depstech DW49 Pro 4K Webcam Review

Is It Worth the Hype?

The rapid adoption of 4K resolution in webcams has been remarkable, despite potential limitations due to processing, internet bandwidth, and conferencing platform constraints. The Depstech DW49 Pro, priced at around $70 in the US and £60 to £85 in the UK, aims to offer 4K quality at an affordable price point, while also touting itself as a “Pro” device. With features like a Sony CMOS sensor, dual microphones, and included accessories such as a tripod and remote control, the DW49 Pro appears promising. But does it deliver on its claims? Let’s dive into this comprehensive review to find out.


Resolution4K at 30 fps
Field of view80 degrees
MicrophoneDual mics with noise canceling
Privacy shutterYes, slider to be stuck on with adhesive
PowerUSB-A, fixed cable, plus USB-C adapter
Mount styleUniversal monitor mount with tripod screw, plus mini tripod

Design & Handling

While the DW49 Pro boasts a “Pro” designation, its actual appearance may disappoint some users. The lens, significantly smaller than depicted in marketing materials, feels somewhat misleading. However, the universal monitor stand, coupled with a tripod screw, offers flexibility in positioning. The ball-and-socket fixing allows for extensive adjustability, catering to various setups.

I also like how the webcam is attached to its mount with a ball-and-socket fixing, so it can be adjusted in any direction. This is especially useful if you have a desk light on top of your monitor, so you need to mount the webcam off to one side and point it to face you. Even some of the priciest webcams miss out on this breadth of adjustability.

There’s a white light on the front to clearly show when the webcam is on, and a privacy cover is included in the box. Unusually, this sticks onto the webcam with an adhesive strip, then can be slid open or closed. There’s also a set of two stick-on graphics to change the look of the webcam; one depicting the solar system and the other a Christmas scene. It’s a bit of a strange inclusion and doesn’t really fit the ‘Pro’ name, but I can see children enjoying the decoration.

Annoyingly, the USB cable is hardwiring into the camera, so you can’t plug in one of a different length. It uses USB-A but comes with an A-to-C adaptor, so it’ll plug into any computer.


In terms of video quality, the DW49 Pro performs adequately under optimal lighting conditions. However, it struggles with exposure in bright backgrounds, resulting in underexposed images and skewed colors. The autofocus feature is unreliable, frequently losing focus and causing distractions during use. Furthermore, while the dual microphones deliver clear audio, they suffer from being excessively quiet, detracting from the overall experience.

Less impressive is the autofocus feature, which rarely sticks to my face for more than a few seconds at a time. It’s a shame, because once in focus the image produced is impressively sharp with a nice blurred bokeh effect behind. But the slightest movement, even just a change of facial expression, often causes the camera to refocus. This puts the subject out of focus and, more often than not, the camera focuses sharply on my background instead of me. Even when my face is fully in shot, and taking up the majority of the frame, it’ll still prefer to focus on objects 10 feet behind me.

It’s the sort of autofocus that’s frustrating for the user and distracting for their audience. I raised the issue with Depstech and was told it can be switched off, which I feel misses the point.

Image Samples

The image samples provided demonstrate the DW49 Pro’s limitations, particularly in maintaining focus and capturing fine details. Despite attempts to enhance image quality through features like Apple’s portrait and studio lighting, the webcam falls short of expectations for a 4K “Pro” device.


Ultimately, the Depstech DW49 Pro fails to live up to its billing as a “Pro” webcam offering 4K resolution. While it delivers passable video quality under specific conditions, its performance is marred by unreliable autofocus and lackluster audio capabilities. The inclusion of accessories like a tripod and remote control adds some value but doesn’t compensate for the product’s shortcomings. In a market with numerous alternatives, both higher quality and more affordable, the DW49 Pro struggles to justify its place.


  • Highly adjustable monitor stand
  • Included tripod
  • Included remote and optional privacy cover


  • Unreliable autofocus
  • Poor audio quality
  • Does not live up to the “Pro” designation

In conclusion, while the Depstech DW49 Pro may offer some appealing features at an attractive price point, discerning buyers may find better value elsewhere.


For those seeking alternatives, options like the AnkerWork C200 and various offerings from Logitech provide higher quality and more reliable performance, making them worth considering over the DW49 Pro. Additionally, exploring other budget-friendly webcams without the “Pro” designation may yield satisfactory results without compromising on essential features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Depstech DW49 Pro webcam suitable for professional use?
    While the DW49 Pro carries the “Pro” designation, its performance may not meet the expectations of professional users. It offers passable video quality and some useful features but falls short in areas like autofocus and audio quality, which are crucial for professional applications.
  2. Can the DW49 Pro webcam be used with streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube?
    While technically possible, the DW49 Pro’s performance may not meet the standards expected by content creators on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Users may experience issues with autofocus and audio clarity, impacting the overall streaming experience.
  3. Does the DW49 Pro webcam work well in low-light conditions?
    The DW49 Pro performs better in well-lit environments, as it struggles with exposure and color accuracy in low-light conditions. While adjusting settings like brightness and contrast may help, users should ensure adequate lighting for optimal results.
  4. Is the included tripod sturdy enough for stable positioning?
    The included tripod provides decent stability for the DW49 Pro webcam, making it suitable for shelf or desk use. However, users may opt for their own tripod for added stability, especially in setups requiring precise positioning.
  5. Can the autofocus feature be disabled on the DW49 Pro webcam?
    Yes, the autofocus feature on the DW49 Pro can be disabled, although doing so may result in fixed focus, requiring manual adjustments for sharpness. Users experiencing issues with the autofocus may choose to disable it for a more consistent image.
  6. What alternatives are available for users dissatisfied with the DW49 Pro webcam?
    Users seeking alternatives to the DW49 Pro may consider webcams from other reputable brands like Logitech, which offer a range of models with varying features and price points. Additionally, exploring professional-grade webcams or camcorders may provide superior performance for demanding applications.

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