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WhatsApp Introduces In-App Dialler for Calling Without Saving Numbers

WhatsApp is expanding its features yet again, this time with the development of an in-app dialler that enables users to make calls without the need to save contacts’ numbers. While the feature allowing messaging unsaved contacts is still pending a full rollout, the platform is moving forward with this new convenience.

Spotted within the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, this in-app dialler promises to streamline communication by eliminating the necessity to save numbers before making a call. This enhancement mirrors the existing functionality of messaging unsaved contacts, further enhancing user convenience.

By implementing this dialler, WhatsApp aims to simplify communication for users who may only need to contact someone sporadically or on a one-time basis. This eliminates the inconvenience of temporarily adding contacts to the address book, offering a seamless experience for those who value efficiency in their communications.

Moreover, WhatsApp is concurrently developing another feature called “Hidden Group” for communities. Present in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, this feature empowers users to conceal groups within communities. With this feature, only invited members will be able to discover and join the group, while community admins retain the ability to locate and remove it as needed.

As for the official release date of these features on the stable version for users worldwide, it remains uncertain. However, with these innovations in the pipeline, WhatsApp continues to evolve its platform to meet the diverse needs of its user base.

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