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Gadgetleak: Exclusive Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra’s Presence Through Model Number

A recent report from AndroidHeadlines has ignited speculation that Samsung is gearing up to unveil an Ultra edition of the Galaxy Z Fold6 at the upcoming Unpacked event scheduled for July 10. This leak appears to validate the existence of the Ultra variant.

The revelation revolves around a distinctive model number – SM-F958N, strongly indicating the potential arrival of an Ultra model. Notably, Samsung’s Ultra devices historically conclude with the digit “8”, aligning with this leaked model number. While the internal model name Q6A adds intrigue, it doesn’t provide significant additional insights.

Analyzing Samsung’s established nomenclature strategy, the SM-F958N model number suggests probable limited availability. Typically, such model numbers denote devices intended for specific markets, often South Korea. Consequently, even if Samsung unveils the Z Fold6 Ultra, it might be exclusive to the South Korean market. This strategy appears rational considering the anticipated premium features of the Ultra variant, likely including substantial camera upgrades, which could elevate its price point. Therefore, Samsung might opt for producing limited quantities tailored specifically for the South Korean market.

While the source remains undisclosed, AndroidHeadlines asserts that the Z Fold6 Ultra will harness the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, a development that aligns with expectations.

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